Up and down the Cerkljansko area

Even before the morning sun has peeked out from behind the hills, you will be fully equipped and ready for an all-day hike along one of the local walking or hiking trails. Double-tied boots, poles, a backpack, water – that’s all you need for an idyllic and picturesque hike. Along the way, you will get to see many cultural sights and beautiful views.

  • HC ikona Pohodnistvo
    Walking trails
  • HC ikona Planinske poti
    Hiking trails
  • HC ikona Gorske koce
    Mountain huts
  • HC ikona Turisticne kmetije
    Agritourism farms
  • Sprehajalna pot mulatjera

    The mule track trail

    An easy family-friendly trail

    Park in the village of Reka at the information board for the Divje Babe Archaeological Park. The first part of the trail is uphill. At the top, you will get to enjoy a fine view of the Sjavnce ravine. From here, the trail slowly levels up, leading to the end point a few meters later – the Church of St. John (Ivan), which boasts a wonderful view of the Idrijca river valley and the Cerkljansko area surrounded by the Porezen and Blegoš mountains. Beneath the church, you can see the well-preserved trenches that used to be part of the WWI defence line. 


    Trail number: 4a, green 
    Route: Reka – Šebrelje
    Walking time: 1 hr
    Length: 2.6 km
    Lowest point: 273 m.a.s.l.
    Highest point: 630 m.a.s.l.

  • Pot treh vasi

    The three village trail

    An enjoyable walk and fine views

    A picturesque trail, the first part of which boasts a view of the Porezen and Kojca mountains. You will walk past a hayloft, a homestead in Sovodenj, a beautiful granary and a drying shed. Along the way, you can enjoy a fine view of the Alpine mountains – from Gradišče and Bevkov vrh to the peaks rising above the Baška grapa valley. After descending through a pine forest, you can freshen up in the Idrijca river. 


    Trail number: 5
    Route: Straža – Jagršče – Reka – Straža
    Walking time: 4.30 hrs
    Length: 13.3 km
    Lowest point: 279 m.a.s.l.
    Highest point: 751 m.a.s.l.

  • Pot B F

    The Franja trail

    A hike with a touch of history

    The Franja Partisan Hospital walking trail leads past four major attractions. Along the way, you will get to enjoy a view of the Črni vrh peak and the Cerkno Ski Resort. From the hamlet of Podnjivč with the picture-perfect Kamlonarše homestead, the trail opens to the Pasice gorge. You will continue along the Čerenščica river, from where an up-and-down path through the narrow gorge will take you all the way to the Franja Partisan Hospital. 


    Trail number: 1, orange 
    Route: Cerkno – Labinje – Poljane – Franja Partisan Hospital – Log – Cerkno
    Walking time: 2 hrs 45 min
    Length: 10.5 km
    Lowest point: 324 m.a.s.l.
    Highest point: 651 m.a.s.l.


    NOTICE: The last part of the trail from the parking lot through the gorge to the Franja Partisan Hospital is closed until further notice due to the damage caused by a devastating storm! 

  • Cerkljansko


    Endless beauty up in the mountains

    There is something very special about the hills of the Cerkljansko area. Instead of rock, you will walk on vast grassy slopes with individual conifers. While walking, you will encounter a herd of sheep and a hayloft or two. Here and there, you will come across a cottage with the enticing smell of homemade štruklji and žganci wafting out of it. The highest peak of Cerkljansko is Porezen (1630 m), there are, however, countless lower hiking destinations, including Kojca (1303 m), Ermanovec (1026 m) and Črni vrh (1291 m).