Relaxation within a stone’s throw of the alps

There is nothing better than a day full of activities and good company rounded off with some relaxation at the Hotel Cerkno Thermal Spa. The town of Cerkno stands on the Idrija fault, which is the source of the thermal water in Slovenia’s only thermal spa resort so close to the Alps. The thermal spa, which is connected to hotel, is the icing on the cake of a perfect family adventure in the Cerkljansko area.

  • HC ikona Terme Termalni bazen
    Thermal pool
  • HC ikona Otroski bazen
    Children’s wading pool
  • HC ikona Solna soba
    Salt room
  • HC ikona Savna
  • Termalni bazen


    Fun for the whole family

    The indoor thermal pool has a water temperature of 30°C. In addition to a large swimming area, it features aqua massage beds, pool geysers, a whirlpool, a children's wading pool, a waterfall and a hot tub. For a bit of relaxation, you can spend some time in the salt room or indulge in a relaxing massage. Another good way to recharge is to enjoy a good book while resting on a deck lounger.

  • Savne


    Beneficial heat

    Hotel Cerkno’s saunas are open all year round – they are a perfect place to relax your body and mind after an active day in nature.

  • Solna soba

    Salt room

    The healing effects of salt

    Salt therapy is one of the most popular therapies that clean and detox the respiratory system and skin. The therapy involves inhaling and exposing the body to dry salt aerosol in a salt room, where a temperature-humidity balance is maintained. Salt absorbs moisture, keeping the room bacteria-free. Salt therapy is a natural way to relieve a number of health issues, especially during the cold part of the year. The salt room air is enriched with salt aerosol, which has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and skin, it boosts the immune system and is a remedy for chronic fatigue and insomnia.


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